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Whether you’re buying a new home and want to be sure of what you’re getting… or selling a property and want to identify possible problems that could delay or lose a sale…or just want a professional to inspect and advise you on the condition, maintenance and safety of your current home, Fox Property Inspection is here to help.

I take pride in my work as an inspector.  I meticulously inspect every facet of the home—from foundation to chimney top and all systems including HVAC, plumbing and electrical.  I provide a clear, detailed report of my findings, complete with annotated photographs. I want to make sure you fully understand every item that may be reported.  Even if you have questions months down the road, you’re welcome to give me a call.  I’ll be happy to continue serving as your personal residential property consultant. The combination of commitment to service, professionalism and experience has earned me a business built largely on client referrals and real estate agent recommendations.  

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About The Inspector

Jon Fox, KY License #163679


As a Lexington native with more than 15 years in the Construction, Design and Real Estate industries, I draw on a wealth of experience when inspecting your home.  I've worked extensively in residential and commercial contracting, experience that has taught me to know what to look for, inside and out. 

I also use my past experience as a Realtor to keep my inspections customer-focused since I am familiar with all sides of the home buying process.  I pride myself on creating an exceptional customer service environment and I will ensure that you are completely satisfied with my work.  It is my goal to be a valued and trusted resource to my customers.

Lewis & Blossom, Office Assistants


Our Services

Home Inspections

My inspection is a comprehensive and careful examination and assessment of all facets of the home.  The amount of time needed for the inspection will vary depending on the property’s size and features, but approximately 3-4 hours is a general guide.  I take my time when inspecting a home, I call on the years of previous experience that I've gathered to help me examine each property.  As I move through the inspection I take plenty of photos to show you, in as much detail as possible, the condition of the property.  I even recruit the help of a drone aircraft that allows me to put eyes on spaces most inspectors can't, or won't, reach. 


  • Structure and Foundation
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Roofs and Attics
  • Basements and Crawl Spaces
  • Gutters and Drainage
  • Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
  • Decks and Porches
  • Exterior Components and Finishes
  • General Site Conditions


  • Furnace and A/C
  • Kitchen and Bath Plumbing Fixtures
  • Built-in Appliances
  • Water Heaters
  • Lights and Receptacles
  • Windows and Doors

After the inspection, I walk with you around the home as we discuss the findings of the inspection.  I want to make sure you have the clearest understanding of the home's condition.  So that I can ensure you get the most out of my service, I encourage you to ask as many questions as you need during the walk-through. By observing and asking questions, you will learn valuable information about your new home and get some tips on general maintenance.

Results of the inspection will be documented in a clear and detailed report, complete with color photographs.  Detailed and annotated photographs are used to illustrate our most important findings.  I employ the use of a highly advanced, extremely well engineered software platform that allows me to focus on the content of your report while it formats a clear and easy to understand document.  You are presented with your report in your choice of a easy to navigate and printable digital format or hard bound copy that you can keep as a reference for years to come. 

Radon Measurements


Radon is an odorless, tasteless, invisible, and toxic radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water.  The release of this gas enters the air you breathe and can be found just about anywhere entering any type of building such as homes, schools, and offices.  Radon entering buildings can build up to high levels and according to the Surgeon General, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer.   

Are homes in Kentucky affected by Radon?
According to the EPA, a large portion of Kentucky has a potential of Radon.  Radon levels can vary widely from one home to the next even on the same street.  The only way to know if Radon may be an issue in a home is to perform a test. 

Testing for Radon
I use sophisticated electronic radon monitoring devices that require yearly laboratory calibration.  The monitor is placed at the lowest level of the home for a minimum of 48 hours.  The testing must be conducted with doors, windows, and ventilation systems being off or closed.  Normal entry through doors are acceptable providing doors are closed immediately. 


What does an inspection include?

A complete inspection includes a visual examination of the building from top to bottom. I evaluate and report the condition of the structure, roof, foundation, drainage, plumbing, heating system, central air-conditioning system, visible insulation, walls, windows, and doors. Only those items that are visible and accessible by normal means are included in the report.

What's the farthest you've stuck your head up a chimney?

Farther than I'm comfortable discussing.

Should I attend the inspection?

It's always a good idea to attend the inspection, plus I'd enjoy meeting you and personally showing you the property. At the end of the inspection I walk with you around the home to show you my findings. By observing and asking questions, you will learn valuable information about your new home and get some tips on general maintenance. If you are not available to be present, that’s ok too. The report will include photographs and descriptions of all conditions observed.

Can a home “FAIL” the inspection?

No. A professional inspection is simply an examination into the current condition of the property. It is not an appraisal or a Municipal Code inspection. An inspector, therefore, will not pass or fail a building, but will simply describe its condition and indicate which items will be in need of minor or major repairs or replacement.

What if the inspection reveals problems?

If I find issues in the home, it does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy it, only that you will know in advance what type of repairs to anticipate. A seller may be willing to make repairs because of significant problems discovered by the inspection. If your budget is tight, or if you do not wish to become involved in future repair work, you may decide that this is not the property for you. The choice is yours.

It’s brand new…what could be wrong?

No home, regardless of how new or well constructed, is totally free of defects. The construction of a house involves thousands of details, performed at the hands of scores of individuals. No general contractor can possibly oversee every one of these elements, and the very nature of human fallibility dictates that some mistakes and oversights will occur, even when the most talented and best-intentioned tradespeople are involved. It never hurts to have a trained pair of eyes give a thorough inspection.

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